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Observations Support Laboratory

Name Position E-mail
Vlasyuk V.V. head of the laboratory vvlas
Borisov N.V. senior researcher borisov
Drabek S.V. leading engineer drabek
Emelianov E.V. researcher  
Fatkhullin T.A. senior researcher timur
Gabdeev M.M. graduate student crucifer.troll@gmail.com
Klochkov S.N. senior engineer sklochnick
Moiseev S.V. leading engineer mois
Moiseev A.S technician  
Ryabukha A.I. senior engineer lun
Sinyansky S.I. leading engineer sin
Spiridonova O.I. researcher ospir
Stankevich A.I. engineer sasha
Timchenko Yu.N. senior engineer  
Yakopov G.V. researcher yakopov
Yakopov M.V. senior researcher mike
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Last update: 26/07/2012