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Scientific achievements, Hardware and methodical developments


We have mastered the technique of generating the secondary standards for the astrometric reference of images obtained using the CCDs at the BTA with the accuracy to one second of arc, based on the on prints from the Palomar maps using the Guide Star Catalog and a digitizer.

For the first time a device for quasi-simultaneous measurements of linear polarization of stars was developed, which allows to make up to 40% more efficient the use of the telescope time and significantly increase its accuracy. The device is protected by a patent.

Fast systems of high spectral resolution were developed and put into operation at the 6-m BTA and 1-m Zeiss telescopes, consisting of the echelle spectrometers, solid-body light detectors (CCDs), data acquisition and data processing systems. Judging on the basic photometric and positional features, the CEGS coude-echelle spectrometer is on par with the UCLES of the Anglo-Australian 3.9-m telescope and the Hamilton Echelle Lick (3-m telescope, U.S.), being second only in the CCD size. The echelle spectrometer, operating in the red band ("Lynx") is not inferior to the CASPEC echelle spectrometer of the 3.6-m telescope of the European Southern Observatory based on its main characteristics.

The work on "cooling" the RATAN-600 has been accomplished. The flaps that reduce the contribution of the Earth below the temperature of the sky were installed. At the same time, the range was expanded up to 1.3 meters and the effective area at the decimeter waves was increased.

For the first time in radio astronomy observations in Russia a new type of amplifier (based on the HEMT transistor type) as part of the cryogenic radiometer at the 2.7cm wavelength with a record sensitivity in this range of about 3mK/s was introduced.

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Last update: 20/02/2013