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Scientific achievements, Hardware and methodical developments


Fiber Optic Echelle spectrograph
A high-resolution echelle spectrograph, designed for the fiber matching with the intermediate diameter telescopes (1-2 meters) was designed. In the range of 400-780nm 60 spectral orders are simultaneously recorded with the spectral resolution of R=30000. When tested at the 1-meter telescope of the SAO RAS, during a 1-hour exposure the signal-to-noise ratio S/N=10 was reached for the stars with mV=12.5. The first prototype was installed at the 1.2-m alt-azimuth telescope of the Kourovka Observatory.
In collaboration with the UFU
(Contact - V.E. Panchuk)
Published: Astrophysical Bulletin, 2011, vol.66, 382

On the improvement of the kinematics of the RATAN-600 reflecting elements
The RATAN-600 had the new kinematic mechanisms for the reflecting elements of the Northern and Southern sectors tested. It is shown that the application of modern kinematic components (the ball screws, CV joints, hybrid gearboxes), stepper and servo-controlled drives and encoders improves the accuracy of the panel positioning by the radius, angle, azimuth by 6, 4, 2 times, respectively, to reduce the backlash by 2-4 times, to shorten the panel setting time by 8-10 times, to achieve the repeatability of panel setting within 20 microns. The reliability of the kinematic mechanisms and the resource increase, while the energy costs are considerably reduced.
In collaboration with the North plant VNUTS, VTs Intex Retail
(Contact - V.M. Bogod)

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