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Scientific achievements, Hardware and methodical developments


A new control system for the 1-m telescope with remote control possibility for the observation process
In 2013, the creation of a control system for the multitask 1-m ZEISS-1000 telescope was completed in SAO RAS, allowing the use of the telescope's observational capabilities in the modes of local and remote control. Without stopping the instrument, the servo motors and position sensors on the telescope's axes were replaced. This allowed increasing the pointing accuracy of the telescope by several times (up to 5-7 for each axis) and improving the tracking quality. The use of intelligent digital drives connected via an industrial fieldbus made it possible to guide the telescope with varied speed when studying fast-moving objects.
(Contact - S.V.Drabek).

FITS 3.0-compatible archive of direct images with astrometric calibration
We used our program package to conduct mass corrections of the FITS-header keywords in accordance with the FITS 3.0 standard for all files (~120 thousand) of the local SCORPIO archive, which is included in the general observational data archive of SAO RAS. For direct SCORPIO images (~22 thousand frames), astrometric calibration based on the HST GSC, USNO-A2, 2MASS PSC, GSC-2.3 or SDSS-III catalogs was implemented with an accuracy of up to 0.2". Based on the processing results, the local archive SCORPIO- was created, which can be accessed from the web using the search system of the general observational data archive.
(Contact - V.V.Vitkovskij).
Zhelenkova O.P., Chernenkov V.N., Shergin V.S., Plyaskina T.A., Vitkovskij V.V. Software systems and information resources for facilitating astrophysical research. Infrastructure of satellite geo-information resources and their integration. Collection of scientific papers edited by M.A.Popov and E.B.Kudashev, Kiev, Carbon-Service, 2013.
Chernenkov V.N., Shergin V.S., Zhelenkova O.P. Technique of automatic coordinate calibration of direct images with the use of IVOA web tools. SAO RAS Report N329, 2013.

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