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Scientific achievements, Hardware and methodical developments


Development of Mini-MegaTORTORA (MMT) - a multichannel wide-field optical monitoring system with high temporal resolution
We have developed and put into operation a system that allows detecting and studying rapid phenomena with the localization in the near or far outer space unknown in advance. The MMT system is a robotic multichannel (9-objective) optical telescope with an approximate field of view of 900 square degrees and a temporal resolution of 0.1 seconds, equipped with a system of accumulation, analysis and storage of observed data. The MMT system has no analogues in the world in terms of its combined characteristics.
(Contact - Beskin G.M.).
1. Karpov S.; Beskin G.; Bondar S.; Perkov A.; Ivanov E.; Guarnieri A.; Bartolini C.; Greco G.; Shearer A.; Sasyuk V., Status and perspectives of Mini-MegaTORTORA wide-field monitoring system with high temporal resolution, EAS Publ.Ser., 2013, 61,465
2. G.M.Beskin, S.V.Karpov, V.L.Plokhotnichenko, S.F.Bondar, A.V.Perkov, E.A.Ivanov, E.V.Katkova, V.V.Sasyuk, A.Shearer, Wide-field subsecond temporal resolution optical monitoring systems for the detection and study of cosmic hazards, Advances in Physical Sciences, 2013, 183,8,4
3. G.Beskin, S.Karpov, S.Bondar, A.Perkov, E.Ivanov, E.Katkova, V.Sasyuk, Mini-MegaTORTORA status update, Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica (Serie de Conferencias), 2014, Vol. 45, pp. 20-23

MBLcat - a multi-frequency catalogue of RATAN-600 measurements for BL Lacertae type objects
We have compiled a multi-frequency catalogue of measurements for BL Lac type objects, based on the multi-frequency (1.1, 2.3, 4.8, 7.7, 11.2 and 21.7 GHz) RATAN-600 observational data. The distinctive feature of the presented observational data is the use of the same instrument for obtaining simultaneous multi-frequency measurements. The list of objects and the observed material is supplemented and updated by new and archived observational data. The catalogue can be found on the home page of the observatory: www.sao.ru/blcat.
(Contact - Mingaliev M.G.).
M.G.Mingaliev, Yu.V.Sotnikova, R.Yu.Udovitskiy, T.V.Mufakharov, E.Nieppola, and A.K.Erkenov, RATAN-600 multi-frequency data for the BL Lac objects, 2014, A&A, 572, 59

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