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Scientific achievements, Galaxy sector


The observational data on the influence of the magnetic fields on the substance of stellar atmospheres, consisting in the suppression of turbulence by the magnetic field were obtained for the first time. It was shown that the degree of the drop in turbulence depends on the magnetic field strength and the fact that it is completely suppressed at the field strengths of 4-5 kG. As a consequence, there arise the conditions of unimpeded diffusion of chemical elements under the influence of radiation pressure, so the degree of chemical anomalies depends on the magnetic field strength.

The observations on the 6-m telescope of the X-ray Nova Persei 1992 (J0433 +22) revealed the variability of brightness, color, and emission lines on time scales from fractions of a second to days. In particular, sporadic outbreaks were reported with the duration of the leading edges from 5 to 50 milliseconds, the brightness temperatures of which exceed 109 . The results indicate that in this nova, at least near the brightness maximum, the plasma, accreting onto the compact object consists of the blobs sized 108-1010 cm, and their emission is nonthermal.

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