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Scientific achievements, Metagalaxy sector


A program searching for the host galaxies of the gamma-ray burst sources was carried out at BTA during one year. At the locations of the GRB970508 and GRB980703 optical transients, blue compact galaxies were discovered. An identification with the faintest to date host galaxy was made for GRB 980519.

Two new dwarf spheroid companions of the Andromeda nebula, Pegasus DSph and Cassiopeia DSph, were detected at the BTA, located at the distances of 0.8 and 0.7 Mpc. Both dwarf galaxies contain old stellar population with no evidence of interstellar gas.
(In cooperation with the Astronomical Observatory of the Kiev University, Ukraine)

A list of 50 primordial galaxy candidates was compiled. Spectroscopic observations with the BTA confirmed detection of three candidates with redshifts 4.88, 6.65 and 6.97. Two latter objects are the furthest ones ever discovered.
(In cooperation with the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, Armenia and the Astronomy Observatory of Marseille, France)

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Last update: 18/09/2012