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Scientific achievements, Metagalaxy sector


The largest catalogue of distant powerful radio galaxies, detected with the RATAN-600, mapped in the radio range at the VLA, and photometered in 4 filters at the BTA 6-m telescope was compiled. The catalog allowed to estimate the color redshifts of all the objects and to estimate the ages of stellar systems of the host galaxies. A comparison with theoretical expectations shows a significant deviation from all the predictions of flat world models. The contradictions with the inflation models with a cosmological constant, and with open models are insignificant.

As a result of a 10 year-long program at the 6-m telescope, 14 new extremely low-metallicity dwarf galaxies were detected in the Local Universe (with oxygen abundances from 1/50 to 1/20 of the solar) - the candidates in primordial galaxies, forming the first generation of stars. The number of these rare and unusual objects is increased fivefold, and makes up fractions of percent among thousands of known dwarf galaxies. Multiwavelength studies of group and individual properties of these galaxies are underway to compare them with theoretical evolutional models and with the properties of primordial galaxies at large redshifts.

A new compilation catalog of groups of galaxies of the Local Supercluster is finalized. The algorithm that takes into account the advantages of the hierarchical clustering and percolation methods was used. Among 6300 nearby galaxies with radial velocities V<3000 km/s, 840 groups were isolated, which include 55% of all the galaxies of the sample. A typical group has a diameter of 0.5 Mpc and the virial-mass-to-luminosity ratio of about 30 solar units. This indicates the presence of dark matter in the groups, with mass 3-5 times larger than that of the visible matter.

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Last update: 29/01/2013