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Scientific results "Metagalaxy"

 Archive 2003: 

A catalog of 450 nearby galaxies with distances within 10 Mpc measured with the Hubble Space Telescope and BTA has been created. In spite of the lack of rich clusters around us and the presence of large volumes completely free from galaxies (voids), the mean luminosity densities and the mean density of hydrogen mass in the Local Universe is one and a half - twice as high as their mean global values. However, the mean local density of the baryon mass is only 2% of the critical density of the Universe, which is twice as less as the baryon density from the nucleosynthesis data (local paradox of the baryon mass).
In co-operation with AO KNU (Kiev, Ukraine) and MPIfR (Bonn, Germany)

A stage of multifrequency investigations of the near-zenith region at RATAN-600 with the world`s best sensitivity in the cm range has been completed. It is shown for the first time that the surface density of objects in the cm range exceeded their density in the dm range. The overwhelming majority of objects have been investigated in the cm range for the first time, and a few hundred objects are new objects of the radio sky.

As a result of the earliest optical observations of the afterglow of the GRB 030329 at BTA, wide spectral features that point to relationship between a gamma-burst and a supernova explosion are discovered.
In co-operation with ASC LPI RAS, SAI MSU, Institute of Astrophysics (Spain), MAO UNAS (Ukraine)

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