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The Request Submission Rules for Observations at the Large Telescopes of SAO RAS

Requests are accepted on-line. Registration of applications is open from August 1 to September 10 for the first and from February 1 to March 1 for the second half of every year respectively.

An unregistered request will be disregarded by the Large Telescopes Program Committee. In some cases the secretary of the Committee can accept a request given permission by the Chairman of the Committee or the director of SAO RAS.

The Program Committee considers generally one request submitted by the principal applicant.

According to the Regulations of the Observational Data Archives (in Russian) of SAO RAS,

Every applicant is free to contact the secretary of the Committee (request@sao.ru) if any questions arise in connection with the request submission.

Brief instruction for request form filling

  1. Program title (not more than 15 words).
  2. Brief (not more than 100 words) description of the scientific content of the program.
  3. Full name of the principal investigator, institution (1 person).
  4. Full names of co-investigators, institutions (no limitation).
  5. Request status: long-term (more than two years), short-term (1-2 years), or one-time program.
  6. Amount of time needed, optimum and admissible periods of observations. Can the program be combined with any other programs? Is this a principal or duplicating program? The applicant should bear in mind that a combined program is the one united with others to be accopmlished by the same techniques or in the other focus of the telescope not to interfere with each other. The duplicating program is fulfilled under bad weather conditions (seeing, etc.) or in the twilight as supplementary with respect to principal one.
  7. Mode of observations. Please, give a detailed description of equipment, light detectors, S/N-ratio, spectral or/and time resolution recording systems, etc. The description of observing methods, proposed by SAO RAS can be found here. The applicant can propose a guest mode of observation. In this case, coordination with the administration of SAO is needed.
    If questions arise, one has to address people in charge of the observing method for the secretary of the Program Committee (request@sao.ru).
  8. Scientific justification (a detailed one is encouraged). Publications on the the topic of the request can be provided.
  9. Substantiate use of the Large telescope and proposed methods of observations. A brief description of methods is desirable.
  10. Indicate coordinates and stellar magnitudes of the program objects.
  11. For the continued program, give information about its fulfillment and results obtained. Attach publications and/or report on the paper in the press or being prepared for press.
  12. Please, provide information about the results of observations with the Large telescope for other programs, which have been obtained over the past 3 years (list of publications, reports, accounts, etc.).

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Last update: 15/08/2016