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A radio continuum survey of the Galactic Plane at 11 cm wavelength. Survey IV: A list of 6495 small diameter sources. (357 <l <240,|b|<5);

Fuerst E., Reich W., Reich P., Furst E.


We analysed the 11 cm Galactic plane survey carried out with the Effelsberg 100-m radio telescope for small diameter sources. We present a list of 6495 radio sources with a maximum apparent size of 12' and peak flux densities > 40 mJy/beam area. Point-like sources are almost evenly distributed over the surveed area, except that we miss some sources in the highly confused inner part of the Galaxy and the Cygnus X complex. At Galactic longitudes l > 100^o the list of compact sources is almost complete above an integrated flux density limit of 70 mJy. Most of them are extragalactic. Extended sources show a cocentration towards the Galactic plane. At longitudes l < 100^o the scale height is about 0.6^o. An excess of about 900 extended sources is most likely of Galactic nature.

Source List

In Table 1 we list 6495 radio sources smaller than 12' of maximum apparent size (FWHM). As described by Reich et al. 1984 a single elliptical Gaussian surface was fitted within small rectangular areas centered on on the individual sources. In case of a steep gradient in the background emission we have used the values at the four field corners of the areas to define baselevels by linear interpolation in the orthogonal directions.
After removing the large-scale diffuse emission from the area at l < 76, as discribed in the Paper II, we found a few more sources at latitudes |b| < 1.5^o, than published in paper I. In that paper sources affected by confusion due to complex background emission were marked with "C". Here we list the fit parameters as for the other sources.
In column 10: PL - in case of point-like sources: area smaller than 4.5'x4.5' SE - in case of slightly extended sources: area smaller than 5'x 5' In case of extended sources:
1 number : FWHM along the major axis in arc min;
2 number : FWHM along the mimor axis in arc min;
3 number : Galactic position angle of the source ellipsoid;
Column 11 error class of fitting procedure:
1 digit : positional error in units of 10"
2 digit : integrated flux density error in units of 10%
3 digit : size error in units of 20"
4 digit : error of the Galactic positional angle error in units of 5^o