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Mem. Roy. Astron. Soc., 68, 163 - 172 (1961)

The Revised 3C Catalogue of Radio sources

Bennett A.S.

The basis of these catalogs was a 178 MHz survey with an interferometer consisting of cylindrical paraboloid with sizes 435x20m (W-E) an cylindrical paraboloid with sizes 57x20m (N-S). The 3CR catalog covers the region DEC > -0.5^o (except the Galactic plane). The catalog contains 328 sources above a lower limit of 9 Jy. 3C sources have only integer numbers in their names, e.g. 3C193. Sources in 3CR but not in 3C were given non-zero decimals like 3C249.1, while the original 3C sources were given a zero after number, e.g. 3C192.0.

PASP, 97, 932-936, (1985)

The third update of the status of the 3CR sources: further new redshifts and new identification of the distant galaxies

H.Spinrad, S. Diorgovski, J. Marr, L. Aguilar


We present the third major update of new optical and radio data for the strong sources in the 3CR catalog. New positions, redshifts, magnitudes, and identifications have been included as well as some radio data for the sample of the 298 extragalactic 3CR sources. A new and extended bibliography of optical and radio data is included.
The 3CR sources have now reached an almost satisfactory state of optical identification: 91 % of the sources at |b| > = 10^o now have firm identifications and we have spectra for most of them. The few remaining faint objects at high latitude are, of course, important, as they tend to be the most luminous radio sources known. Full completion of the 3CR data will aid in reducing the residual uncertainties at the luminous end of the evolving radio luminosity function.
Finally, we present some new identifications and new spectroscopic data for 29 faint 3CR galaxies, and one quasar.
Spinrad + 85, PASP 97,932; UPDATE LATER THIS YEAR
 3CR  RA(1950) DEC(1950)  m_V     z   S_178 alph b2 reference Remarks     ID
						    ID z radio
  2.0 000348.84-002106.0 19.35* 1.037  14.9 0.67-61 47 48 90               Q