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Survey of the Galactic plane at 4.785 GHz

W.J. Altenhoff, D. Downes, T.Pauls and J. Schraml


A survey of the galactic plane has been made with the Effelsberg 100-m telescope at a frequency of 4.875 GHz with a beamwidth of 2.6'. The data are presented as radio contour maps covering l=357.5 to 60^o, b=+-1^o, together a list of 1186 radio sources. The primary calibration source was NGC7027, which was assumed to have a flux density of 5.9 Jy. The uncertainty in the day-to-day thermal calibration was +-5 to 10%. For a point source, 1 Jy = 1.3+-0.03 K antenna temperature = 2.00 +- 0.05 K main-beam brightness temperature. For contours which extend over several degrees of sky, we estimate that 1 K Ta = 1.1K Tb.

Table 1 is a list of 1186 sources from the survey. Some sources in relatively unconfused fields were reobserved with short scans in l and b , and fitted with gaussians.

The sources parameters in table 1 were derived as follows:
* in Remarks column: positions, half-power widths and intensities from gaussian fits;
** in Remarks column: complex source; position from contour map; positions, half-power width and intensity from gaussian fits;
all other sources: parameters from contour maps.

Diameters measured from contour maps are notoriously unreliable and we expect that synthesis observations with beamwidths of a few arcsec would resolve many of the sources into compact components. We therefore did not de-convolve the apparent diameters, or estimate integrated fluxes for the sources.
Glll.lll+b.bbb - Bonn (Effelsberg) at 4875 MHz
  l       b      RA1950     DEC1950   P_flux diam'Rem   T_flux
G357.658-0.079 17 37 00.9 -30 56 37    5.18  4.0  **     12.26