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1998MNRAS.294..607Vessey & Green

The 7C(G) survey of radio sources at 151 MHz in the Galactic Plane

The 7C(G) survey covers much of the northern Galactic Plane Survey at 151 MHz. The ``G'' stands for Galactic, to distinguish this survey from other 7C surveys away from the Galactic plane that have also been made with the Cambridge Low Frequency Synthesis Telescope (CLFST).

Full details of the observations, data reduction and calibration of this survey, and the production of the 7C(G) compact source list, are described in Vessey & Green (1998, MNRAS, in press).


The 7C(G) survey covers approximately the region 80° < l < 180°, |b|<5°, with a resolution of about 1.2 × 1.2 cosec(declination) arcmin2 (EW×NS). The survey consisted of 24 fields, spaced 3°.5 in l, and alternating between b = +3° and -3°, but with a gap near l = 110°. There is some coverage to |b|<9°. As the CLFST has a wide field of view, and operates at a low-frequency so that ionospheric fluctuations are significant, the quality of images synthesized near bright sources is poor. Therefore the sensitivity of the survey varies considerably with l, but is poorer towards l = 80° (near Cyg A), near the gap at l = 110° (near Cas A), or l = 185° (near Tau A, the Crab Nebula).

The 7C(G) compact source list

The compact source list derived from this survey -- the 7C(G) catalogue -- consists of 6262 compact sources, with a completeness limit of approximately 0.25 Jy over most of the survey region. The catalogue has an rms position accuracy of better than 10 arcsec, and the flux densities have an accuracy of better than 10 per cent. This catalogue is available as:

The entries in the source list are as follows:

Further data from the 7C(G) survey, including access to the images, will be made available as and when time permits.

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