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O.B.Slee, R.A.Perley, B.C.Siegman

A VLA Survey of Rich Clusters of Galaxies I. Whole-cluster Maps, Source List and Source Statistics


Fifty-eight fields near rich clusters of galaxies were surveyed with the Very Large Array using scaled arrays in the B/C and/or C/D configurations at 1.5 GHz and 4.9 GHz. The fields were centered on steep spectrum sources in or near clusters that were earlier surveyed with lower resolution telescopes. The whole-field maps at 1.5 GHz are given and a list of 940 sources with 1.5 GHz flux densities down to about 1 mJy is presented. Spectral indices of sources within 5 arcmin of the field centers are given. Statistical correlations between the radio parameters of cluster sources and between the radio properties of cluster sources and the optical properties of cluster richness and morphology are investigated.
The columns are :
Column 1 Cluster Field (Z1518 = Zw1518.8+0747)
Column 2 distance of source from cluster centre in Abell radii
Columns 3/4 Centroid Position of radio source
Column 5 1.5 GHz flux (mJy)
Column 6 4.9 GHz flux (mJy)
Column 7 Spectral index from fluxes in columns 5 & 6, S~ny**(alpha)
Note the following corrections to the published Table 2: Four duplications (A0407.24/25, A0658.19/20, A1142.1/2, A2249.1/2), were contracted to a single source each, averaging positions and fluxes. An incorrect source No. A0514.19 was renamed to A0514.9 and an incorrect Dec. position for A 2354.8 has been corrected.
Origin from H. Andernach: and
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