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see also table ALL COLD survey sets (in Russian)

Yu.N. Parijskij, N.N. Bursov, N.M. Lipovka, N.S. Soboleva and Temirova A.V.

Astron. Astrophys. S.S. 87, 1-32. (1991)


A catalog of 840 radiosources is presented. The sources were detected at the 7.6 cm wavelength RATAN-600 deep survey of the strip of sky within the interval 4h < RA < 22h DEC = 5^o +-20' during the experiment "COLD" in 1980 - 1981. The weakest detected sources have flux densities of about 4 mJy. Within the region +- 5' from dec. of SS433 the completeness of our list is more than 0.8 for sources with flux densities S > 7.5 mJy. The estimated positional error is several arcsec for sources with flux densities > 50 mJy and ~15" for weaker sources. Within the flux density interval 7.5 - 30 mJy our list contains more objects than data published earlier. Spectral indices for 230 sources are given.

Astron. Astrophys. S.S. 101, 447-473. (1993)

N.N. Bursov, A.V. Chepurnov, N.M. Lipovka, N.S. Soboleva and Temirova A.V.


The spectral catalog for 491 RC sources (experiment "COLD-80", RATAN-600) is presented. This catalog is similar to that of Kuhr. The spectral indexes for 341 sources are given. A clear difference in the spectral index distribution for the double- and point-source samples is found.