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Einstein database

Einstein Observatory Astrophysical Databases

compiled by: Belinda J. Wilkes (belinda@cfa.harvard.edu)

This is the second public release of machine readable versions of Einstein Astrophysical Databases. Any news on these databases and, eventually, the databases themselves will be available through the Einstein On-line service ("einline", for details see below).

These disks contain ascii tables and text describing the tables for the following Einstein Databases:

      Volume 3:  The Einstein Quasar Database (QSO)
		 The Einstein Stellar Database (STR)
      Volume 4:	 The Einstein Observation Catalog, 6th Edition (OCT)
In order to aid the user in reading the tables into a database, we also provide format information for the tables (FORMAT.DOC in each subdirectory). We do not expect these to be foolproof but hope they minimize your effort. In particular, gaps in the tables may cause problems both in reading via fortran or directly accessing the ascii files. For this we apologize in advance but note that incomplete data in some cases is unavoidable.

Volume 3.

The Einstein Quasar Database (QSO).

Wilkes,B.J., Tananbaum,H., Avni,Y., Worrall,D.M. and Oey,M.S. (in preparation for submission to Ap.J. Supplement)

Wilkes,B.J., Tananbaum,H., Avni,Y., Worrall,D.M. and Oey,M.S. in "Imaging X-ray Astronomy: a decade of Einstein Observatory achievements" ed. M. Elvis, Cambridge University Press

The quasar database tables are in the subdirectory "QSO" as follows:

    QSO.DOC     General documentation
    FORMAT.DOC  Summary of column names and fortran formats
    QSOS        Object list  
    XOBS        X-ray observational data  
    XFLUXA      X-ray fluxes, energy index = 0.0 
    XFLUXB      X-ray fluxes, energy index = 0.5 
    XFLUXC      X-ray fluxes, energy index = 1.0 
    XFLUXD      X-ray fluxes, energy index = 1.5 
    OPTICAL     Optical information  
    MISSING     QSOs not processed 
    NOTES       Notes to all the tables 
    REFS        Key to references in tables 
Documentation, contained in "QSO.DOC", is reprinted from the current version of the Ap.J. Supplement draft and gives details of the X-ray analysis procedures used in determining the quantities given in this database.

The Einstein Stellar Database (STR)

. Rick Harnden, Jr. frh@cfa.harvard.edu
Gstars Maggio,A., Sciortino,S., Vaiana,G.S., Majer,P., Bookbinder,J., Golub,L., Harnden Jr.,F.R. and Rosner,R. (1987) Ap.J. 315,687

Hyades Micela,G., Sciortino,S., Vaiana,G.S., Schmitt,J.H.M.M., Stern,R., Harnden Jr.,F.R. and Rosner,R. (1988) Ap.J. 325,798

O stars Chlebowski,T., Harnden Jr.,F.R. and Sciortino,S. (1989) Ap.J. 341,427

G stars Maggio,A. et.al (1989) Ap.J. Ap.J. 348,557

Pleiades Micela,A., Sciortino,S., Vaiana,G.S., Harnden Jr.,F.R., Rosner,R. and Schmitt,J.H.M.M. Ap.J. 348,557

UMa stars Schmitt,J.H.M.M., Micela,G., Sciortino,S., Vaiana,G.S., Harnden Jr.,F.R., and Rosner,R. (1990) Ap.J. 351,492

The Stellar Database tables are in the subdirectory "STR" as shown in the table below. They are taken directly from the published papers listed above and labelled according to the Ap.J. volume of the paper and the table number in that paper. For each paper a ".DOC" file gives information on the contents of each table. The user should refer to the relevant paper for all scientific details.

      STR.DOC        General documentation
      FORMAT.DOC     Summary of column names and fortran formats
      GSTARS.DOC     Documentation on G star       
      APJ315T1       G stars, table 1       
      APJ315T2       G stars, table 2       
      APJ315T3       G stars, table 3       
      HYADES.DOC     Documentation on Hyades       
      APJ325T1       Hyades, table 1       
      APJ325T2       Hyades, table 2       
      APJ325T4       Hyades, table 4       
      OSTARS.DOC     Documentation on O stars       
      APJ341T4       O stars, table 4       
      APJ341T5       O stars, table 5       
      GIANTS.DOC     Documentation on giants       
      APJ348T2.1     Giants, table 2       
      PLEIADES.DOC   Documentation on Pleiades       
      APJ348T1.2     Pleiades, table 1       
      APJ348T2.2     Pleiades, table 2       
      APJ348T4.2     Pleiades, table 4       
      UMA.DOC        Documentation on UMa stars       
      APJ351T1       UMa stars, table 1       
      APJ351T2       UMa stars, table 2       
      APJ351T4       UMa stars, table 4       

Volume 4.

The Einstein Observation Catalog, 6th Edition (OCT)

Fred Seward ( fds@cfa.harvard.edu )

The Einstein observation catalog and associated tables are in the subdirectory "OCT" as follows:

OCT.DOC General documentation FORMAT.DOC Summary of column names and fortran formats OBSERVNS ``The Yellow Book'' listing all observations made OBS.NAM Observer names DBREQS Databank requests CATEGS Object type

Documentation, in "OCT.DOC", gives details of the contents of the tables. For information on the Einstein Observatory and its instruments, the user is referred to the Revised User's Manual, the IPC and HRI CDROMs or the Einstein On-Line service "einline". Information on all the above can be obtained from the HEAO Newsletters or by writing to:

	Einstein Catalog Office,
	Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory,
	MS 3, 60 Garden Street,
	MA 02138

The Einstein On-line Service: "einline"

To access "einline":

	telnet:, (alias cfa204.harvard.edu)
	span: set host 6714, (alias cfa204)
	or call (617)495-7047/7048 (United States)
	login name: einline
	password: xraysrus
The program will start automatically and ask the relevant questions.


. I would like to thank Joan Flanagan, Paul Martenis and Josh Thurman for assistance in preparing the final versions of the tables presented here. This disk was prepared with the financial support of NASA Grant NAS8-30751.