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A Catalogue of Radio Sources

H. Kuehr, U. Nauber, I.I.K. Pauliny-Toth, and A. Witzel

(1.variant scanned/proofed by H.Andernach 10/95)
(2.variant typed by N. Zabavskaja 01/96)

Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie Auf dem Hugel 69, 5300 Bonn Preprint No. 55


We present accurate radio spectra for 1530 sources from the NRAO-MPIfR 5 GHz surveys (Kellermann et al. 1968b; Pauliny-Toth et al. 1972; Pauliny-Toth and Kellermann 1972b; Pauliny-Toth et al. 1978; Kuehr et al. 1980a) and from the Parkes 2.7 GHz surveys (see Bolton et al. 1979 for the complete reference list). One aim of the work was to compile a complete catalogue of radio sources with flux densities >=1 Jy at 5 GHz for the whole sky excluding the galactic plane (|b|<10 deg). This catalogue will be published elsewhere (Kuehr et al., 1980b). For the southern hemisphere, which is not covered by the NRAO-MPIfR 6 cm surveys, we compiled from the Parkes 2.7 GHz survey all sources which had flux densities >=0.9 Jy as reobserved at a frequency of 5 GHz. Subsequently we compiled flux density measurements at a number of frequencies (see Table 1), as well as optical identifications, visual magnitudes, and redshifts (Veron and Veron, 1979 edition of Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. 18, 309, 1974; Kuehr 1980b). Figure 1 shows the regions of the sky which are covered by the combined surveys.

The flux densities

Table 2 gives flux density data for 1845 sources. Rather than compiling all published flux densities for the sources we relied upon a number of relatively recent catalogues in order to determine the radio spectra. These catalogues are listed in Table 1. The flux densities were adjusted to the absolute scale of Baars et al. (1977). The errors for the flux densities were taken directly from the individual papers or calculated according to the formulae given there. For the 11 cm measurements of Adgie et al. (1972), an error of 8 % was assumed throughout. For the revised 3CR flux densities of Veron (1977), the errors given in KPW (Kellermann et al. 1969) were taken.

Generally only flux densities greater than three times their probable error were included in the list.

For some catalogues giving flux densities at frequencies below 1400 MHz, we found that the flux densities below a certain value became increasingly unreliable. Therefore we did not include these flux densities in Table 2. The limiting flux density value is given in col. 5 of Table 1. In those cases where individual flux density measurements at one frequency in several catalogues agreed within the errors, we generally included only one value in Table 2. Also included in Table 2 are a number of previously unpublished flux densities. These are,in order of frequency: 750 MHz and 1400 MHz flux densities obtained by Kellermann and Pauliny-Toth with the 300 ft telescope of the NRA0 in 1968 and 1969 (code nrs 101, 102), 1410 and 2380 MHz flux densities obtained by Biermann with the Arecibo telescope in 1978 (code nrs 103, 104), 2695 MHz flux densities obtained by Pauliny-Toth, Preuss and Witzel in 1972 with the 100-m telescope (code nr 105), 2695 MHz flux densities obtained by Porcas et al. between 1974 and 1976 with the Jodrell Bank MKII telescope and with the 300 ft telescope of the NRA0 in 1976 (106), and 10695 MHz flux densities obtained by Pauliny-Toth, Preuss and Witzel in 1972 with the 100-m telescope (107). Also under the code nr. 105 the 2695 MHz flux densities from the "S4" paper (Pauliny-Toth et al. 1978) are listed.

The radio spectra

Radio spectra are given in Figure 2 for 1530 of the sources in Table 2 for which flux densities are available at three or more frequencies. Fits to the data points were only attempted if flux density measurements were available at four or more frequencies.

In a first attempt we tried to fit the spectrum with a straight line of the form y = (a + bx), where y = ln S, x = ln freq. If the straight line (S) could not fit the data a function of the type (a + b*x + c*e^+-x ) was tried (CC+, CC-). If such an exponential function could not represent the data a parabolic fit (a + bx + cx^2) was attempted (C+, C-). A reduced chi-square-test was used to decide whether the data could be fitted with either of the above functions. The spectra of those sources which could not be adequately fitted were considered to be complex (CPX).

Content of Table 1

Table 1 presents the radio source catalogues which were used to establish the flux densities of the 1845 sources given in Table 2,

Content of Table 2

The first line for each source gives, in order, the source name, the right ascension and the declination (1950.0). An interferometric position is indicated by "*" (originally "IP"). For optically identified sources the identification follows (G=galaxy, Q=QSO, E= empty field, C=crowded field), as well as the visual apparent magnitude and the redshift. If the source appears in the 3C and/or 4C catalogues the respective names are given at the end of the first line.

In the following lines, flux density data at one or more frequencies are listed as follows: the frequency, the flux density and its error and the code nr. corresponding to col. 1 of Table 1.

Remarks to Table 1


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