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2000ApJS..........Bauer+ (in press)



Franz E. Bauer E-mail: fbauer@nrao.edu
J.J. Condon E-mail: jcondon@nrao.edu
Trinh X. Thuan E-mail: txt@virginia.edu
J.J. Broderick E-mail: jjb@vt.edu
We cross-identified the ROSAT Bright Source Catalog (RBSC) and the NRAO VLA Sky Survey (NVSS) to construct the RBSC-NVSS sample of the brightest X-ray sources (~0.1 counts s^{-1} ~= 10^{-12} ergs cm^-2s^-1 in the 0.1--2.4 keV band) that are also radio sources (S ~= 2.5 mJy at 1.4 GHz) in the 7.8 sr of extragalactic sky with |b| > 15deg and DEC > -40deg. The sky density of NVSS sources is low enough that they can be reliably identified with RBSC sources having rms positional uncertainties ~10''. We used the more accurate radio positions to make reliable X-ray/radio/optical identifications down to the POSS plate limits. We obtained optical spectra for many of the bright identifications lacking published redshifts. The resulting X-ray/radio sample is unique in its size (N ~ 1500 objects), composition (a mixture of nearly normal galaxies, Seyfert galaxies, quasars, and clusters), and low average redshift ( z ~ 0.1).
keywords:  catalogs --- radio continuum: general --- surveys ---
	   X-rays: general


The remaining 1512 objects are extragalactic and listed in Table2.

Column 1.  ROSAT RBSC name, format 1RXS JHHMMSS.S+DDMMSS.
Column 2.  NED Common Name, if available.
Column 3.  ROSAT BSC X-ray Flux.
Column 4.  NVSS position, unless noted otherwise.
Column 5.  NVSS 1.4 GHz Flux density.
Column 6.  Identification Probability P(R,V)
	   (Equation. Identifications with a '-' have been
	   accepted despite having a low probability.
Column 7.  B magnitude from NED, if available;
	   otherwise from USNO as indicated by '()'. Identifications with a
	    '-' denote empty fields.
Column 8.  Redshift, if known. From NED unless noted otherwise.
	   Identifications with a '-' represent objects for which
	   spectra was taken but a redshift could not be determined. We
	   have obtained optical spectra with
	   the KPNO 2.1 m telescope for many of the bright identifications
	   which did not possess published redshifts. The detailed description
	   of these spectra will be given in a subsequent paper
	   (Bauer, Thuan, Condon 2000).
Column 9.  NED optical morphology, if available.
Column 10. Spectral classification, if known. From NED unless noted otherwise
	   in redshift column.
AGN      Active galactic nuclei, type unknown
Blazar   BL Lacertae type object with variable emission line spectra
BLLAC    BL Lacertae type object
BLRG     Broad-line radio galaxy
cD       Central dominant galaxy, Early-type stellar absorption continuum
Early    Early-type stellar absorption continuum
HII      Starburst galaxy with narrow emission-line spectra similar
	 to HII regions
HPQ      High polarization QSO
LINER    Low ionization narrow emission-line region
LPQ      Low polarization QSO
QSO      Quasi-stellar object
Sy1-2    Seyfert galaxy, emission-line spectra classified from type 1 to 2

   O - Optical position given: because identification is more than 3sigma
       from radio position or there are multiple optical candidates
   R - NVSS position and/or flux density remeasured.
   F - High resolution position and flux density taken from the FIRST 1.4 GHz
       survey (White et al. 1997).
   S - Extended radio emission - central point source and single lobe;
       using central point source position and total emission.
   E - Extended radio emission.
   D - Extended radio emission - double; using centroid and total emission.
   T - Extended radio emission - triple; using central source position and
       total emission.
   1 - Derived from optical spectra obtained with KPNO 2.1m telescope during
       1997$-$1999. A dash (-) indicates there is not enough spectral
       information to classify
   2 - From Brinkmann et al. 2000

transform from  TeX ver. by Trushkin (for CATS database)  05/03/2000
ROSAT  BSC        NED                          S_x              Position             S_1.4 GHz  ID   |------------------ NED ---------------------|
 1RXS name        Common name             ergs s^-1cm^-2    RA  J2000  DEC           mJy        P     m_B    Redshift    Morphology      Sp. Class.
J000000.0-392902  ESP 21616                 1.61e-12 23 59 56.35 -39 28 46.3 O        3.3     0.25    19.0
		  ESP 21615                          23 59 56.68 -39 28 37.2 O        3.3     0.34    18.9
J000007.0+081653  UGC 12890                 5.98e-12 00 00 06.98 +08 16 46.3         83.5     1.00    16.0    0.0387  1                   Early
J000226.6+032105  NGC 7811                  5.84e-12 00 02 25.94 +03 21 02.7          5.8     1.00    15.1    0.0255      cIm?            Sy1