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Positions, Structures and Polarization of 404 Compact Radio Sources


Accurate positions of 404 compact radio sources used as calibrators by the VLA are presented. In addition, the structure and polarization of each source at both 4885 and 1465 MHz are given. Eighty-five percent of the scurces have spectral indices flatter than 0.5; all these are dominated by an unresolved core. Half of these flat-spectrum sources contain nearby, associated diffuse structure at a level exceeding ~0.4 % of the core brightness at 20 cm.

Amplitude calibration was based on 3C286, whose fluxes at 4885 and 1465 MHz were assumed to be 7.41 and 14.41 Jy, respectively, in accord with the scale of Baars et al. (1977).

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