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Compact Radio Sources near the Galactic Plane


Astrophys. J. Suppl. 80, 211 (1992)

The results of our extension of the 20cm Galactic plane survey reported by Zoonematkermani and coworkers to Galactic latitudes of +-1.8 deg over the central region of the Milky Way (-10 deg <= l <= 40 deg) are reported. We catalog 1457 new discrete radio sources down to flux densities of <=5 mJy an are 95% complete at 20 mJy. A detailed comparison of all radio sources from our complete survey in this longitude range with the IRAS Point Source Catalog proveds classification for 13% of the objects, including 159 compact HII regions, and nearly 100 planetary nebulae over 70 of which are newly identified. We comment briefly on the identity of the remaining radio sources and on the importance of our 6cm survey, currently underway, in defining the radio source population of the Galaxy. Keywords: HII regions-planetary nebulae: general-radio continuum: galaxies- -surveys
File Summary:
File Name    Lrecl     Records   Explanations
ReadMe          80           .   this file
table1          77        1485   compact radio sources near Galactic plane
Byte-per-byte Description of file: table1
 Bytes  Format  Unit    Label  Explanation
 1- 13  A13    ---      NAME   IAUname in format lll.lll+b.bbb
16- 17  I2     h        RAh    [0,24[ Right ascension (B1950)
19- 20  I2     min      RAm    [0,60[ Right ascension (minutes)
22- 26  F5.2   s        RAs    [0,60[ Right ascension (seconds)
    28  A1     .        DE-    Declination sign (B1950)
29- 30  I2     deg      DEd    [0,90] Declination (B1950)(degrees)
32- 33  I2     arcmin   DEm    [0,60[ Declination (minutes)
35- 38  F4.1   arcsec   DEs    [0,60[ Declination (seconds)
41- 47  F7.1   mJy      Speak  peak 1490 MHz flux (1)
49- 55  F7.1   mJy      Sint   integrated 1490 MHz flux (1)
63- 67  F5.1   arcsec   diam   source diameter (2)
68- 77  A10    ---      NOTE   notes (3)

The files were provided courtesy R.H. Becker to H. Andernach. It was numbered R105 in H.A.'s "List of Astronomical Catalogues and Documents not available from NASA-ADC but kindly provided on request by various authors". The electronic version contained 28 more sources (1485) than the published one (1457), but did not contain the comment column.
Heinz Andernach [CDS] 07-Mar-1994