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Astrophys. J. S.S., 74, 181 - 224. (1990)

A catalog of small-diameter radio sources in the Galactic plane

Zoonematkermani S. and Helfand D. Becker R.H., White R.L., Perley R.L.


A survey of the Galactio plane in the longitute range -20 <= l <= 120^o for Galactic latitude |b| <= 0.8 has been carried out at 1400 MHz using the VLA in the B configuretion. We present here a catalog of the 1992 discrete sources detected in this survey which is ~75% complete to a limiting peak flux density of 25 mJy for sources smaller than ~20" in diameter although sources as faint as 8 mJy and as large as 90" are also included. The catalog includes for each entry a position accurate to <= 3', peak and integrated flux densities, source extent, and information on counterparts both from earlier radio surveys of the plane (for which a comprehansive bibliography is included) and from the IRAS PSC. An extensive analysis of the integrity and completeness of the survey os presented here; in separate publications, we discuss the source content of the survey as derived from statistical analyses of the spatial distribution of the sources and from radio, optical and IR followup observations.
Each of the 1992 sources has one record in the the database. The maximum record length is 98 characters, and the format is as follows: