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      Format of Zelenchuck survey at 3.9 GHz

       1 - 10 byte source name    10A1
       11 -12 byte hour R.A.       I2
       13 -14 byte min  R.A.       I2
       15 -19 byte sec  R.A.       F5.2
       20     byte sign DEC        A1
       21 -22 byte deg. DEC        I2
       23 -26 byte min. DEC        F4.1
       27 -32 byte flux  mJy       I6
The Zelenchuk 3.9 GHz Survey (0 to 14 degs)

Table of Contents

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 1 Description  Description of catalog 
 2 Field List   A general listing of all the fields in the catalog
 3 Example      Example SQL query to the catalog with expected results
 4 References
 5 Additional Information
 6 Further Acknowledgements
 7 Appendix
 8 Filename     Document URL
 9 Origin       Origin of catalog
10 Date         Catalog creation date
11 Revised      Last revision date
12 Columns      Number of columns or fields in the catalog
13 Rows         Number of rows or entries in the catalog
14 Time Period  Time period for which catalog data are available
15 Other        Any additional information concerning the physical attributes of the catalog
16 Contact      Addresses for further information
17 Keywords      Keywords


This catalogue contains positions and flux densities for 8503 sources
detected in the Zelenchuk 3.9 GHz Survey with declinations between 0
and 14 degrees.  The survey was originally published in Amirkhanyan et
al. 1989, MIR Publ., Moscow, and contained 8511 sources.  The machine
version has been cleaned from a few spurious sources by the authors.
The angular resolution is (RA x DEC) 70"/cos(decl) x 50' ('knife-edge
or 'fan' beam).  The survey is 95 percent complete to the limiting
flux density of 50 mJy, except near the boundaries of the declination

Field List

Field List - Short Descriptions

Click on underlined field number for detailed information about that field. The values in parenthesis
include (units, datatype, example). 

1 name               Name of the source (char10, example: 'Z 0020+042")
2 ra        radians  Right ascension of source in radians (B1950)  (real, example: 0.090596)
3 dec       radians  Declination of source in radians (B1950)  (real, example: 0.073304)
4 ra_deg    degrees  Right ascension of source in degrees (B1950) (real, example: 5.190750)
5 dec_deg   degrees  Declination of source in degrees (B1950) (real, example: 4.200000)
6 fluxes    Jy       Flux density of source (real, example: 0.870)
7 id                 Other name (char14, example: '4C+04.01')

Field List - Detailed Descriptions

1. COLUMN name 

This column gives the name of the source.  Source names begin with 
a "Z", are followed with a space, then the hours and minutes of right
ascension, followed by the sign of the declination and the declination
in degrees (truncated to a tenth of a degree).

Example (name) (char10): 'Z 0020+042'

  Field List 

2. COLUMNS ra dec ra_deg dec_deg 

The first two columns contain the B1950 position of the source in
radians; the second two columns contain the B1950 position in degrees.
In the catalogue, the declination was given only as degrees and minutes, 
because of the limited resolution in declination.  

Example (ra) (real): 0.090596
Example (dec) (real): 0.073304
Example (ra_deg) (real): 5.190750
Example (dec_deg) (real): 4.200

  Field List 

3. COLUMN fluxes 

This column gives the flux density at 3.9 GHz in Jy.  A crude estimate
of the flux density error is dS = sqrt( (0.1)^2 + (S/10Jy)^2 ) Jy.  

Example (fluxes) (real): 0.870

  Field List 

4. COLUMN id 

This column gives an alternative name for the source, taken from 
Dixon's Master List of Radio Sources (1977, version 42); Astron.Tsirk.
1099,2; Astron.Tsirk. 1137,5; Astron.Tsirk. 1157,2; Astron.Zhurn.
58, 717; Large et al 1981, MNRAS 194,693; AuJP 35,177; ApJS 51,67; 
and ApJS 61,1.  Identifications are given for 4360 of the 8511 sources.

Example (id) (char14): '4C_04.01'

  Field List 


Amirkhanyan et al. 1989, MIR Publ., Moscow

Additional Information

Further Acknowledgements


No appendices available.




submitted by V. K. Konnikova








Time Period



For catalog content: 
D. E. Harris, SAO; harris@cfa.harvard.edu (8/92)