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Radio source identifications

The Web-server of the Special Astrophysical Observatory supports the mirror version of the Clusters of Galaxies database. At present only the data about radio sources in ACO clusters of galaxies are reasonably complete, while only restricted optical information is in our database. Later on, we also intend to include X-ray data and data about brightest cluster galaxies (BCG).

Please type ACO name of the cluster and select the kind of data:
ACO: ( for example, A0690 and "optic"),
press the Return key or the following button to submit the query:

You can look at the short descriptions of structures of radio and of optical data.

The present database is managed by Alexander Gubanov. Many electronic data tables were contributed by Heinz Andernach, the TCL-applets were created by Vladimir Titov and JAVA-applets were wrote by Anastasiya Trushkina.

Scientific citations of this data must include next reference:
A.Gubanov. Cluster galaxies database,

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