Identifications of the FIRST and NVSS radio sources in Abell clusters of galaxies

Detailed identifications of the FIRST (and NVSS) radio sources are carried out for 26 rich Abell clusters of galaxies in the framework of the announced project (A.G.Gubanov et al. 1997, in ``Problems of modern Radio Astronomy'', XXVII Radio Astronomy conference, St.Petersburg, V.1, P.168). The identification results are publishing in Astron. Zhournal Letters, 1999 (A.G.Gubanov, V.P.Reshetnikov. "Identification of radio sources in clusters of galaxies").

Identifications are performed for all radio sources within Abell radius of cluster of galaxies (3 Mpc for the Hubble constant of 50 km/s/Mpc). At present time the selected clusters are part of a larger sample of rich clusters (with richness <=2) and of clusters containing cD galaxies within the processed zone of the FIRST survey.

There are identification data for the following clusters:

A0586, A0642, A0690, A0705, A0715, A0727, A0781, A0800, A0812, A0908, A0943, A0961, A0963, A1033, A1035, A1068, A1073, A1081, A1094, A1120, A1175, A1178, A1182, A1190, A1198, A1258