This is a quick list of links to astronomical and cosmological sites



Myths and Legends

Curtis-Shapley Debate

Biographical Information:

Tycho Brahe


Albert Einstein

Einstein Online

Galileo Project Homepage For the specifics of Galileo's observations, go to Galileo's Observing Terrace.

Edwin Hubble

Johannes Kepler

Isaac Newton.

Astronomical Centers:

Background information on the Berkeley, Illinois, Maryland Array, a large radio telescope array: Whispers from the Cosmos Map

LIGO Observatory

COBE Home Page

NASA Home Page


planets around normal stars

Numerical Relativity at NCSA

Las Campanas Redshift Survey.

U. Illinois Cosmology Simulations

Los Alamos Cosmology Simulations

U. Washington Cosmology picture gallery

Virgo Consortium cosmology simulations

Cosmos in a Computer Map at NCSA

MACHO home page.

Hipparcos home page

Background Information:

All About Spectra

Spectral Emission Lines

The Doppler Effect

Periodic table of Elements

black holes

Galaxy Primer page

Images of Galaxies

HST Images

NASA Photo Gallery

NASA Origins Program

Microwave Anisotropy Probe

Violence in the Cosmos

Measurement in Quantum Mechanics

Superstring Theory