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Appendix A   Reserved Words

This appendix lists the reserved words in JavaScript.

Appendix B   Color Values

The string literals in this appendix can be used to specify colors in the JavaScript alinkColor, bgColor, fgColor, linkColor, and vLinkColor properties and the fontcolor method.

Appendix C   Netscape Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of information stored on the client machine in the cookies.txt file. This appendix discusses the implementation of cookies in the Navigator client; it is not a formal specification or standard.

Appendix D   LiveAudio and LiveConnect

LiveAudio is LiveConnect aware. This appendix describes how you use JavaScript to control embedded LiveAudio elements.

Appendix E   JavaScript Mail Filters in Navigator 4.0

This appendix tells you how you can use JavaScript to filter your incoming mail and news when you use Netscape Messenger.

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