IX Russian-Finnish Symposium on Radio Astronomy
"Multi-Wavelength Investigations of Solar and Stellar Activity
and Active Galactic Nuclei"

Date: October 15-20, 2006
Special Astrophysical Observatory of
Russian Academy of Sciences,
Nizhnij Arkhyz, Karachaevo-Cherkesia,
369167, RUSSIA

The IX Russian-Finnish symposium is an international meeting on solar physics and AGNs, radio astronomical methods and instrumentation with an emphasis on radio observations, particularly those from the RATAN-600 and the Metsahovi radiotelescopes. The previous symposium was held in Pulkovo Observatory (Russia) in 1999. On this occasion we would like to summarize recent radio observations of the Sun and AGNs to interpret the observed events, and to discuss future coordinate observations with radio instrumentation.

Sponsoring Institutions:
Russian Academy of Sciences
Special Astrophysical Observatory (SAO)
Central Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo (GAO)
Russian Foundation for Basic Researches (RFBR)

Scientific Organizing Committee:
M.Mingaliev, chair (Nizhnij Arkhyz), Yu.Parijskij (Nizhnij Arkhyz),
A.V.Stepanov (Pulkovo), M.Tornikoski (Metsahovi), E.Valtaoja (Tuorla)

Local Organizing Committee:
S.Truskhin (chair), V.Bogod, E.Filippova, L.Martinova,
J.Sotnikova, L.Opeikina, A.Uzdenov

Contact Address:
Central Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo
Pulkovo chaussee 65/1
196140 St.Petersburg,
phone: +7 812 3882242
fax: +7 812 7231922; +7 812 3882242

Special Astrophysical Observatory
Nizhnij Arkhyz, Karachaevo-Cherkesia
369167 RUSSIA
phone/fax (87878)46527

Preliminary Program:
Sunday, Oct. 15 day of arrival, welcome reception
Monday, Oct. 16 invited reviews and reports
Tuesday, Oct. 17 invited reviews and reports,
visit to the RATAN-600
Wednesday, Oct. 18  invited reviews and reports
Thursday, Oct. 19 invited reviews and reports,
visit to the Optical telescopes site
Friday, Oct. 20 day of departure

No posters, only invited review and oral talks are planned.

Scientific Program:

Abstract book will be published, but not Proceedings.

Please send the abstracts before 1 September 2006 by e-mail.

From airport "Mineral'nye Vody" and from railway station "Nevinnomyskaja" to RATAN-600 and back, and for domestic travel the bus and cars will be available free of charge.
We are going to meet you in airport "Mineral'nye Vody" on Oct.15, 2006.

Please, inform us about your arrival.