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IX Russian-Finnish Symposium on Radio Astronomy
Multi-Wavelength Investigations of Solar and Stellar Activity
and Active Galactic Nuclei, October 15-20, 2006

29 September: The program is available now!

The IX Russian-Finnish Symposium will take place in Special Astrophysical observatory RAS on October 15-20, 2006. The symposium is sponsored by SAO RAS, Central Astronomical Observatory (Pulkovo, SPb) and by Russian Foundation of Basic Research . It is first of all dedicated to the two-side collaboration in the field of multi-wavelength investigations of solar radio emission, studies of polar regions of the Sun, studies of stellar activity, AGN, quasars and BL Lac objects in radio bands from millimeter to decimetre wavelengths with RATAN, Metsahovi 14m, RT32m and VLBI. We hope to discuss recent results in preparing of the Point Source Catalogue for the Plank Mission. The contributions about new radio astronomical methods and instrumentation are welcome.

Scientific Organizing Committee

M. Mingaliev, chair (SAO), Yu. Parijskij (SAO), A.V.Stepanov (Pulkovo Observatory),
M.Tornikoski (Metsahovi observatory), E.Valtaoja (Tuorla observatory)

Local Organizing Committee

Sergei Truskhin (chair), Vladimir Bogod, Ekaterina Filippova, Larisa Martinova, Julia Sotnikova, Larisa Opeikina, Abdulah Uzdenov

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