IX Russian-Finnish Symposium on Radio Astronomy
Multi-Wavelength Investigations of Solar and Stellar Activity
and Active Galactic Nuclei, October 15-20, 2006

List of contributions


1. Professor Esko Valtaoja (Turku University, Director of Tuorla Observatory): "The problem of high-energy emission from AGN"
2. Dr. Merja Tornikoski (Helsinki University of Technology, Director of Metsahovi Observatory): "Metsa"hovi AGN projects contributing to the Planck foreground science"
3. Dr. Anne Lahteenmaki (Metsahovi), Coordinator of the Finnish Planck Project): "Planck -- unlocking the secrets of the Universe"
4. Associate Professor Harry Lehto (Tuorla): "Radio observations of GRS1915+105"
5. Dr. Leo Takalo (Tuorla, Vice Director of Tuorla Observatory): "Optical monitoring of TeV blazars"
6. Dr. Alexander Riehokainen (Tuorla, Academy Researcher): "Multiwavelength observations of the Sun over a full activity cycle"
7. Ilona Torniainen (Metsahovi, PhD student): "Inverted-spectrum radio sources"
8. Elina Nieppola (Metsahovi and Tuorla, PhD student): "Radio outbursts of BL Lacertae objects"
9. Talvikki Hovatta: (Metsahovi, Ph.D. student) "Long term radio time scales of Active Galactic Nuclei"


10. O.A. Golubchina et al., A Study of solar polar zone using eclipse data with RATAN-600
11.V.M.Bogod et al.: Results of multi channels solar observations with RATAN-600 in wide microwave range
12. Yu. A. Kovalev, et al.: Nature of AGN jets: recent results from RATAN-600 and VLBA surveys.
13. Y. Y. Kovalev et al.: Study of peaked spectrum sources with RATAN-600 and VLBA.
14. Burenkov A.N. et al. Spectral monitoring of NGC 5548 in 1996--2004
15. Arshakian T.G., Lobanov A.P., Chavushyan V.H., Shapovalova A.I., Zensus J.A., Bochkarev N.G. and Burenkov A.N. The link between the variable optical continuum and the radio emission of the compact jet in a radio-loud Seyfert galaxy 3C390.3
16. Trushkin S.A. New WMAP catalog sources or how many bright sources are on the sky.
17. Trushkin S.A. Recent data of the multi-frequency monitoring of the microquasars.
18. Gorshkov A.G. Extragalactic sources variability from the investigations of complete samples at the RATAN-600.
19. Larionov M.G., Sotnikova J.A. et al. Flux densities and spectral properties of complete sample of radio sources near the North Celestial Pole.
20. Fabrika S.N. Multiwavelength study of ultraluminous X-ray sources in external galaxies
21. Verkhodanov O.V. Phase analysis in study of cosmic microwave background
22. Verkhodanov O.V. Open SAO RAS resources in extragalactic researches
23. A.G. Tlatov, A. Riehokainen, Oscillation of the polarized radio emission "Sun as a star" during 23 cycle activity
25. A.Riehokainen, A.G.Tlatov Polarization radio emission of background magnetic field of the Sun
26. E.G.Kouprianova, A.V.Stepanov, V.V.Zaitsev Radio pulsations from AD Leo flare and electric current diagnostics
27. A.B.Pushkarev & Yu.Yu.Kovalev VLBA study of compact structure of AGN
28. L.I.Tsvetkov Structure of local regions in atmosphere of the Sun from radio observations
29. G.B.Gelfreikh Peculiarities of pulsations of mcw emission of the flaring regions on the Sun
30. Parijskij Yu.N. Very deep SKY surveys with RATAN-600
31. Bursov N.N., Majorova E., Semenova T.A., et al. RZF Survey
32. Soboleva N.S., Temirova A.V., Bursov N.N. New objects from "Cold" survey
33. Bursov N.N. et al. Mean Spectral index of the weakest NVSS objects from RZF data
34. Semenova T.A., Y.N. Parijskij, N.N. Bursov Spinning dust and other background radiations from RATAN-600 data
35. Gosachinskij I.V. On the SKY spectroscopy with RATAN-600
36. Vdovin V. Developments of low-noise mm receivers for radio astronomy,
37. Zinchenko I. Physical and chemical structure of high mass star forming regions
38. Vlasjuk V.V., O.I. Spiridonova, V.S. Bychkova, M.G. Larionov, A.E. Volvach. The search of the rapid variability of the active galactic nuclei at optical wavelenghts.
39. Kaltman T.I., A.N. Korzhavin (SAO, Saint-Petersburg) To question about estimations of the effective heights and the brightness temperatures of the solar cyclotron sources.
40. Gosachinskij I.V., Venger A.P., Alferova Z.A. The investigation of interaction of Supernova Remnants with the interstellar medium.
41. Doroshenko V.T. Continuum and broad emission line variability of Seyfert galaxy.
42. Kharinov M. et al. Radio variable sources with RT32 radio telescope.
43. Efimov Yu.S. An approuch to reveal a magnetic field structure in blazar jets from optical photopolarimetric data
V.N. Borovik, V.V. Grechnev, V.E. Abramov-Maksimov, V.M. Bogod, V.I. Garaimov, T.I. Kaltman, A.N. Korzhavin Multi-wave RATAN-600 observations of post-eruptive processes on the Sun