XTE J1859+226 G.G. Pooley (Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory) and R.M. Hjellming (National Radio Astronomy Observatory) report: "we have made Ryle Telescope (RT) and Very Large Array (VLA) observations of a radio counterpart to the X-ray transient XTE J1859+226 (IAUC 7274). On Oct. 11.88 UT the RT detected a roughly 10 mJy radio source at 15 GHz with RA=18h58m42s, Decl.=+22o39'10" (equinox 2000; uncertainties 0s.5 and 30"). A further RT observation on Oct. 12.86 detected 12.5 mJy (uncertainty 1.5 mJy). The VLA observations on Oct. 13.06 UT confirm the presence of a radio source with preliminary flux densities of 8.7, 10.8, 11.1, 11.2, and 11.3 mJy at frequencies of 1.4, 4.9, 8.5, 14.9, and 22.5 GHz, with a position of RA=18h58m41s.491, Decl.=+22o39'29".8 (equinox 2000; uncertainty 0.3"). This is consistent with the position of the optical counterpart reported by Garnavich et al. in IAUC 7276. No radio source was present at this position in the NVSS survey in Feb. 1995 with an upper limit of about 3 mJy."