Subject:      Re: Another event for the wackos, 6000th annaversary of "creation"
From:         "Hoffman, Nick N" 
Date:         1997/10/02
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Newsgroups:   sci.astro
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Robert Casey wrote:

> Had heard someone at work say they heard .... yadda yadda .. about it
> being the 6000th annaversary(sp) of the "creation of the universe" way
> back in 4004 BC.  October 23th.  -4004 to 1997 => 6000 years,
> remember,
> no year 0.  Actually, the Big Bang happened a bit before this date :-)
> Hopefully, none of the crazies will lock onto this date....

>>>  26th  <<<

Incidentally, Archbishop Ussher originally calculated in 1654 that the
event of Creation occurred in 4004 BC. Lightfoot later added the details
of 06:00 (GMT of course) on Monday October 26th.

And don't forget about the change to the Gregorian Calendar that "took"
11 days out of people's lives. That makes it Thursday November 6th. -
Although The Gregorian Calender was first introduced in 1582, England
did not institute the new Calendar until 1752. I have no idea which
calendar Lightfoot was using.

For info see:

and look up Ussher, Lightfoot, and the Gregorian Calendar

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