High resolution echelle spectrometer

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HELEN optical scheme

1-slit, 3 - collimator, 4 - flat mirror, 5 - gratins (see CEGS optical scheme), 6 - prisms, 7 - camera (f=875 mm), F - focal plane (CCD camera mounted here)

With R ~ 80000, slit size 2.2 x 8 arcsec HELEN permits us to obtain high S/N spectra (100) of stars up to 5th magnitude for 1.5-2 hours.

HELEN designed by F.A.Musaev (Sov. Astron. Lett., V.22, #10, P.795). Spectrometer and CCD camera attached to the 1 metre "Karl-Zeiss-Jena" telescope of the Special Astrophysical Observatory (a satellite of 6-m telescope) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. At present it is placed on the coude focal plane (F/36) of the 1-m telescope of SAO. The diameter of collimator beam is 150 mm. The accessible spectral range is ~3200 - ~10200 AA. The CCD camera and the data handling system, developed at SAO, consist of front-illuminated CCD device of 520x580 pixels (pixel size 18x24 mkm) inside a dewar, an electronic controller-interface and a IBM PC AT/486 computer.