Head of LRAO, Sergei A. Trushkin

 SNR Cas A <--- VLA map of Cas A at 20 cm.  SNR Cygnus loop

Cygnus loop SNR --->
S. Trushkin workes in SAO from 1976 graduated from Physical faculty of Leningrad State University. Diplom speciality is "Radio physics".
In 1989 Trushkin received Ph.D., in 1998 Dr. of Sci.
"Studies of Galactic supernova remnants and related objects with RATAN-600 radio telescope".
More than 50 publications.
Title - senior scientific fellow (1991).
The Member of Scientific Council of SAO (from 1989).
The Member of IAU (from 1997).
Head of radio astronomical laboratory (from 1995)
Fields of interests: Galactic radio astromomy, supernova remnants, radio stars, astrophysical databases.

Dr. Sc. thesis is named: "The Galactic non-thermal radio sources.
Multi-frequency surveys and monitoring of flare variability"

Highlights and recent results of researches on WEB-pages.

Recent publications and contributions.

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In "Accretion Processes in Astrophysical Systems: Some like it Hot" October Astrophysics Conf. in Maryland, 13-15 Oct. 1997, (in press).