Platform: win32
Version: 0.87a
Data: July 12, 2005

Card: Advantech ISA PCL-841   (Advantech Driver 1.x for win2000/win9x)
          PCI7841 (PCI7841 driver)

Usage: monitoring of an automation of a telescope, etc...

Autor: Serje Komarinsky (Сергей Комаринский)

Download: CanmonPCL-841(ISA) , canmonPCI7841 , all (zip 470kb) , all(rar 200kb) , sample script file

Old version 0.6: CanmonPCL-841(ISA) , canmonPCI7841 , canmon (all),


скачать Advantech драйвер PCL8411-15W7ZV1-15JXG.exe & DevMgr1-21TC7S1-1S4AQ.exe & description

DevMgr1-21TC7S1-1S4AQ.exe - Device Manager for 32-bit DLL driver
PCL8411-15W7ZV1-15JXG.exe -Universal 32-bit DLL Driver for PCL-841/PCM-3680, and it is also necessary to install the "device manager" package before working with the card.