Works on vocal
Blues [5 646k]
I'm looking for the Rainbows [3 249k]
Every little tune [3 908k]
Time [2 595k]
Nice to go [5 661k]
Short horizon [3 250k]
Every little tune Remix [3 257k]
A letter from the road [3 257k]
Drums Alexandr Lapenkov
Alexandr Klimovich
Jury Bobrushkin
Mikhail Vasiliev
(2, 6, 8)
(3, 7 basic)
(1, 4)
Bass-guitar Aleksey Bykov
Evgeny Rinkevich
(Exept of 1 & 4)
(1, 4)
Acoustic Guitar Roman Osochenko (2, 5, 6, 8)
Electric Guitars
Vladimir Demianov
Aleksey Ponomariov
(1, 2, 4, 5, 6)
(2 flange)
Keyboards Vitaly Vladimirov
Roman Imashev
Grigory Reikhtman
Sofia Iakovleva
(3, 8 E-piano)
(1 Yamaha P,org; 4)
(1 Grand P, 2)
(4, 5, 7, 8)
Contrabass Leonid Kuprin
Andrei Poluektov
(6 bow)
(7 pick)
Trumpet Anton Grishanin
Pavel Tatarovsky
(4, 5 bright)
(5 soft)
Audio produsers of track recording

Igor Vorobiev
at the "Pinoccio Music" Studio

Aleksandr Startzev
at the "AV Music" Studio

Mixing of song 3 Aleksandr Startzev
at the "AV Music" Studio

Album Produser

Igor Vorobiev - home computer mixing (exept of song 3),
And Sofia Iakovleva

  All songs wrote by S. Iakovleva
The text & Melody of Blues wrote together with Grigory Reikhtman

All songs with Ac-Guitar was finally shaped together with Roman Osochenko
All Acoustic guitar parts – Roman Osochenko


Thanks to You all, I'm happy I had a chance to work with You!

Special thanks to:

Aleksey Slobzov and his vife Julia;
Pavel Akimovich Halileev, Natalia & Viacheslav Rassokhin;
My mother Olga and my family;
Mikhail Kontorovich, Alia Kontorovich;
Personal of the "Pinoccio Music" Studio;
Vladimir Zatzepin, drummer of the "Wind's beginning" Igor , Aleksandr Shangin, Konstantin Kriukov,
Mikhail Kolobov, Sergey Komarinsky

And EVERYBODY who helped in living and learning!

The album has been completely recorded and mixed in septemper 2003,

A first recording has begun in 2000 but versions included in album started to appear in 2001.

It was a work fully depending on people who took part in it and who kindly helped me: my friends, musicians, audio-produsers.
It was not a commercial project.

It was almost completely live recording (we used loops for Remix and some samples for keyboard sounds) and a very pleasant work for me.

This is not a Group-recording. All musicians were called just for this work (though V. Demianov, M. Vasiliev, E. Rinkevich and R. Imashev are the "Blues Doctors" group).

Why hadn't we use a real piano in our work? Both the studios had not the instrument in them at that moment. And we couln't find other place for it. It's the only reason.

All sound of the album, exept of the jazz version "Every Little Tune", was mixed in computer. The most problem was to achieve the fine balance and to bring together all the (differently recorded and edited in a complicated manner) material. Audio produser Igor Vorobiev made the things sound, using just the technical minimum he had - computer and none-studio speakers. Thanks to him very much!

Thank You. And thanks to God!

We are - Grigory Reikhtman and me - would be glad to find those who would be interested in our works. We have now several projects to realize, but while have no ability. At first we need a group - musicians who wants to play such a music. Then - studio. Also may be - publishers and someone who would support our works.

Grigory is a songwriter and singer, You could see his works at his Homepage, songs and albums in English and Russian, poems and other detailed information.

I would like to develop my "Voice and vocal" investigation, make better my own voice and help to those, who have voice problem, if I can.

I think I need to get more aducation (after Ekaterinburg musical College). For the moment I'm looking for abilities to get in any institute abroad. (I think it can be a chance to learn different vocal schools of the World). If somebody knows place or way, I'll be glad to connect with this man and be thankfull.

So if You have anything to say please mail us. Our addresses are and

P.S. Excuse my crazy English - I didn't ever speak in it yet. Russian