Stellar Spectroscopy Laboratory


Seminar of the SSLab:


Feb. 11, 1999, 16:00.

  • Igor Sagakyntz (Rostov-Don State University).
  • Primordial nucleosynthesis.


    17 Dec. 1998, 14:00.

  • Ivan Najdenov

    Reveal and measurements of magnetic fields by methods of quantum optics.

  • Sergei Ermakov.

    Information on scientific work at the N.Copernicus Astronomical Center (Torun, Poland).

  • Maksim Yushkin.

    Report on the practice at the Stellar Spectroscopy Laboratory over August-December 1998.

  • Valentina Klochkova and Vladimir Panchuk.

    Stellar Spectroscopy Laboratory in 1998 and in future.

    16 November 1998, 11:00.

  • Valentina Klochkova.
  • Scientific report of the Stellar Spectroscopy Laboratory for the year 1998.

    29 May 1998, 10:00.

  • Valentina Klochkova.
  • Peculiar optical spectrum of the faint star associated with the IR-source IRAS23304+6147.

  • Sergei Ermakov.

    Spectroscopy of metal-deficient stars.

  • Eugene Chentsov.

    Spectra of high luminosity stars.

  • 22 May 1998. Vladimir Panchuk.

    La Silla today.

  • 30 Jan. 1998: V.Panchuk and S.Ermakov.

    NES: results of the positional testing.


    30 Dec. 1997:
  • Vladimir Panchuk.

    Report on the RFBR project "Stellar spectra".

    22 Dec. 1997:
  • Galina Mal'kova.
  • Main steps of processing of echelle-frames inside MIDAS+Linux.

    28 Nov. 1997:
  • S. Ermakov presents the paper
    by Klochkova V., Yermakov S., Panchuk V. and Mishenina T.
  • Detailed chemical composition for the sample of stars with a large proper motion.

    21 Nov. 1997:
  • Ivan Najdenov.
  • The method for quasisimultaneous measurement of four Stokes-parameters.

    03 Oct. 1997:
  • Maxim Yushkin.
  • Astronomical spectrometers. I. HIRES and GHRS.

    26 Sept. 1997:
  • Vladimir Panchuk.
  • To the problem of search for sun-like stars with planets.

  • Eugene Chentsov.

    A preliminary results of spectroscopic research for two peculiare stars: MWC314 (BD+14 3887) and AS314 (BD-13 5061).

  • Gennady Valyavin.

    A comparative analysis of magnetism for MS- and evolved stars (models, evolutionary tests).

    30 May 1997:
  • Vladimir Panchuk.

    Molecular spectra: comets and protoplanetary nebulae.

  • Ivan Najdenov, Nicolai Somov, Tatjana Somova.
  • Technique of dynamical spectropolarimetry.

    21 May 1997: Ryszard Szczerba (Torun, Poland).

    Protoplanetary nebulae: observing programmes at ISO.

    11 April 1997: Valentina Klochkova.

    Protoplanetary nebulae: origin, evolution, chemical composition, dynamic state of pseudophotosperes. (Individual: IRAS07134+1005, UU Her, IRC+10420, Sakurai's object.)

    04 April 1997: Sergei Ermakov.

    Nuclear astrophysics and stellar evolution. II. Observing occurences of CNO evolution in Galaxy.

    21 March 1997: Vladimir Panchuk

    The night and twilight airglow of the earth upper atmosphere. Review.

    14 March 1997: Eugene Chentsov.

    Symbiotic stars and nature of the object MWC560.

    23 February 1997: Sergei Ermakov.

    Nuclear astrophysics and stellar evolution. I. Brief review of main theoretical ideas.

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