V.Shergin's archives

  • vs56.tar.gz - VS56 driver program (old version).
  • tvimage.tar.gz - X11 GUI(old version) for VS56 (old Qt-1.3x/1.4x library needs!).
  • midas_bgd.tar.gz - MIDAS-programs for spectra and image background estimation.
  • midas_panel.tar.gz - simple, user driven, screen panels for MIDAS. Every MIDAS-user can convert its favorite MIDAS-commands to "mouse-click" screen panel.
  • mid_panel_old.tar.gz - old(but still in use) version of MIDAS panels.
  • webcam_vch+vsher.tar.gz - our (auto-adoptive + 2-channel) version of webcam program. We use it to publish BTA TV-camera.
  • vs_tv.tar.gz - last versions of BTA TV-programs:
    vs56 - VS56 driver program
    vs60 - VS60 driver program
    vsbt - driver program for BT848/878 (compatible with vs56/vs60)
    tvimage - X11 GUI for vsXX drivers (old Qt-1.3x/1.4x library needs!).
    tvguide - BTA autoguiding program
    tvwebcam - version of webcam to publish vsXX TV-images