Group of Relativistic Astrophysics, Special Astrophysical Observatory

Main goal of our group is to study energy transformation mechanisms in extreme gravitational and magnetic fields of such objects as black holes, pulsars, white dwarfs and flaring stars.

Currently, the Group staff is working on the following scientific topics:

  • Study of rapidly variable astrophysical objects with high temporal resolution
  • Study of temporal evolution of radio pulsars rotation rate
  • Search for isolated stellar-mass black holes
  • Search for and study of supernovae and GRBs
  • Wide-field optical monitoring with sub-second temporal resolution to detect rapid optical transients
  • Astronomical instrumentation
  • Astroinformatics

We both perform theoretical studies and observe on Russian 6-m telescope with custom equipment - panoramic photon counter with microsecond temporal resolution. Also, the Group staff operates apd performs data analysis of a Mini-MegaTORTORA wide-field monitoring system (it belongs to Kazan State University).