SAO's 1-meter Zeiss telescope

This is Zeiss-1000 main server computer zserv.sao.ru. It is local address in SAO's Intranet. But it is visible from Internet through our Web-site proxy as: http://www.sao.ru/zserv/

Meteo-site generated by wview for Davis VantagePro meteo-station located here.

"In-dome" TV-camera
Control Room Webcam Image

and Control room.
"To-BTA" TV-camera
Zeiss-to-BTA Webcam

and it's last images.
Outdoor TV-camera
Zeiss outdoor Webcam

and it's control.
Old Sky180o
Zeiss Old All-Sky Webcam

All-Sky & Sky140 TV-cameras
Zeiss All-Sky Webcam

All-Sky archive
Sky140 archive .
New EVS VNI748 cameras
control interfaces
Zeiss Sky140 Webcam
for Sky140
Zeiss AllSky Webcam
for AllSky180

Zeiss 20sm guiding telescope
Zeiss Guide
USNO-A2 catalogue
draft interface for Zeiss guide
Last demo image observed

Warn Please excuse our dust while we build this Web page. UnderConstruction We expect to have construction complete in a month or two.

BTA computers system adminisrator Maruhno Andrey mas@sao.ru