wview Quick Start Guide

February 5, 2006


This guide will provide the basic procedure for a "standard" wview install. Detailed description of the steps, advanced configuration of features and troubleshooting tips are found in the wview User Manual.


The following package installations should be verified on your system. If a package requires installation, you should use the package management utility appropriate for your OS and distribution. Examples are:
FreeBSD           /usr/ports
Fedora Core       yum
SuSE              yast (or apt4rpm)
Gentoo            emerge
Debian            apt
Note: Some of these libraries may be represented as "-devel" or similar in your 
    package management utility, i.e., "libcurl-devel". If they are, you should install
    the devel version in order to get the development libraries that radlib/wview needs.



Weather Station - one of the following: