Multi-Wavelength Investigations of Solar and Stellar Activity and
Active Galactic Nuclei

XV Rus-Fin

The XVth Russian-Finnish Symposium on Radio Astronomy will take place in the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SAO RAS, on September 2022. Russian-Finnish co-operation started in 1975 originally in the radio astronomy field. In two last decades co-operation included coordinate observations of the Sun, stellar physics, and the study of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN).

The Symposium is dedicated to the two-side collaboration in the field of multi-wavelength investigations of solar radio emission, studies of polar regions of the Sun, studies of stellar activity, AGN, quasars and BL Lac objects in radio bands from millimetre to decimetre wavelengths with the RATAN-600, Metsähovi 14 m, RT32 m and VLBI.

SAO RAS holds this symposium with many organizations participation: the Pulkovo Observatory (St. Petersburg), Institute of Applied Physics (N. Novgorod), Astro Space Center (Pushchino) from the Russian side; the Metsähovi Radio Observatory (Aalto University) and the Tuorla Observatory (University of Turku) from the Finnish side.

Usually the Symposium is supported by the SAO RAS, the Central (Pulkovo) Astronomical Observatory of the RAS, the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IAA RAS) and the Russian Foundation of Basic Research. To discuss the current state of investigations and their further perspectives SAO RAS invites participants from the radio astronomy field to take the part in a traditional International symposium. The contributions about new radio astronomical methods and instrumentation are welcome.


Scientific Organising Committee

  • Joni Tammi (Metsähovi Radio Observatory, co-chaiperson)
  • Merja Tornikoski (Metsähovi Radio Observatory)
  • Tuomas Savolainen (Metsähovi Radio Observatory)
  • Silja Pohjolainen (Tuorla Observatory)
  • Aleksander Stepanov (Pulkovo Observatory)
  • Marat Mingaliev (SAO RAS, KFU)
  • Yulia Sotnikova (SAO RAS, co-chaiperson)
  • Vladimir Bogod (SAO RAS)

Local Organising Committee

  • Yulia Sotnikova (SAO RAS)
  • Sergey Trushkin (SAO RAS)
  • Vladislav Stolyarov (SAO RAS, University of Cambridge)
  • Valery Nakariakov (SAO RAS, University of Warwick)
  • Ekaterina Filippova (SAO RAS)
  • Naga Yelagandula (SAO RAS)
  • Larisa Martynova (SAO RAS)
  • Roman Udovitskiy (SAO RAS)

For any questions contact Yulia Sotnikova: