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Using JavaScript in Navigator

Chapter 1   Getting Started

This chapter introduces JavaScript, discusses some of the fundamental concepts of JavaScript in Navigator and provides basic examples. It shows JavaScript code in action, so you can begin writing your own scripts immediately, using the example code as a starting point.

Chapter 2   Handling Events

JavaScript applications in the Navigator are largely event-driven. Events are actions that occur usually as a result of something the user does. For example, clicking a button is an event, as is changing a text field or moving the mouse over a link. For your script to react to an event, you define event handlers, such as onChange and onClick.

Chapter 3   Using Navigator Objects

This chapter describes JavaScript objects in Navigator and how to use them. These client-side JavaScript objects are sometimes referred to as Navigator objects, to distinguish them from server-side objects or user-defined objects.

Chapter 4   Using Windows and Frames

JavaScript lets you create and manipulate windows and frames for presenting HTML content. The window object is the top-level object in the JavaScript client hierarchy; Frame objects are similar to window objects, but correspond to "sub-windows" created with the FRAME tag in a FRAMESET document.

Chapter 5   LiveConnect

LiveConnect enables communication between JavaScript and Java applets in a page and between JavaScript and plug-ins loaded on a page. This chapter explains how to use LiveConnect in Netscape Navigator. It assumes you are familiar with Java programming.

Chapter 6   Advanced Topics

This chapter describes some special concepts and applications that extend the power and flexibility of Navigator JavaScript.

Chapter 7   JavaScript Security

This chapter describes the security models of the JavaScript language for Navigator 2.0 and later releases. This model was extended significantly between the Navigator 3.0 and Navigator 4.0 releases.

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