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Hello! I'm Alexei V. Moiseev, Sc.D, Leading Researcher in our Laboratory . I'm a contact astronomer for observations with SCORPIO-2 at the 6-m telescope of the SAO RAS and with the device MaNGaL at 1-m telescope of the SAO RAS and 2.5-m telescope of CMO SAI MSU. I am a head of our observatory astrophysical seminar and member of editorial board of the journals Astrophysical Bulletin, Galaxies and Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences. Also I am a member of SAO RAS dissertation council .

My scientific interests focus on extragalactic researches with an attention to observational techniques:

  • Morphology and kinematics of different types of galaxies.
  • Feedback processes in galaxies: impact of star formation on interstellar medium, galactic winds.
  • Active galaxy nuclei and their environment.
  • 3D spectroscopy methods: integral-field spectrographs, scanning Fabry-Perot interferometers.

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Recent selected papers and results:

  1. "Gas and stars in the Teacup quasar looking with the 6-m telescope"
    Moiseev A. V., Ikhsanova A. I.
    2023, Universe, 9(2), 66; --> ADS link
  2. "GRB 230116D: SAO RAS photometry "
    Belkin S., Moskvitin A., Pozanenko A., Moiseev A., Oparin D., Pankov N., IKI FuN, GRB
    2023, GRB Coordinates Network, GCN 33191
  3. "GRB 230116D: SAO RAS redshift"
    A. Moskvitin, A. Pozanenko, A. Moiseev, D. Oparin, S. Belkin
    2023, GRB Coordinates Network, GCN 33187
  4. "Star formation in outer rings of S0 galaxies. V. UGC 4599 - an S0 with gas probably accreted from a filament "
    Sil'chenko O. , Moiseev A., Oparin D., Beckman J. E., Font J.
    2023, A&A, 669L, 10; --> ADS link
  5. "Search for LBVs in the Local Volume galaxies: study of two stars in NGC 1156"
    Solovyeva Y. ,Vinokurov A., Tikhonov N., Kostenkov A., Atapin K., Sarkisyan A., Moiseev A., Fabrika S., Oparin D., Valeev A.
    2023, MNRAS, 518, 4345; --> ADS link
  6. "Unveiling the nitrogen-rich massive star in the metal-poor galaxy NGC 4068"
    Yarovova A., Egorov O., Moiseev A. V., Maryeva O.
    2023, MNRAS, 518, 2256; --> ADS link
  7. "Unveiling the Environments of Extreme Massive Stars"
    Kraus M., Liimets T., M. Arias L., Moiseev A., Cidale L.S., Torres A.F., Nickeler D. H.
    2022, Azerbaijani Astronomical Journal, 17, 7 ; --> ADS link
  8. "SRGe2149+6736 - the new candidate to AM Her type variables discovered by eROSITA telescope on "Spectrum -Roentgen--Gamma" orbital observatory"
    Bikmaev I. F., Kolbin A. I., Shimansky V. V., Khamitov I. M., Irtuganov E. N., Nikolaev E. A., Sakhibullin N. A., Gumerov R. I., Burenin R. A., Gilfanov M. R., Zaznobin I.A., Krivonos R .A., Medvedev P. S., Mescheryakov A. V., Sazonov S. Yu., Sunyaev R. A., Khorunzhev G. A., Moiseev A. V., Malygin E. A., Shablovinskaya E. S., Zheltoukhov S. G.
    2022, Astronomy Letters, 48, 530; --> ADS link
  9. "Stellar feedback impact on the ionized gas kinematics in the dwarf galaxy Sextans A"
    Gerasimov I., Egorov O., Lozinskaya T., Moiseev A. V., Oparin D.V. 2022, MNRAS, 517, 4968; --> ADS link
  10. "Young star formation regions in the ring of S0 galaxy NGC 4324" Proshina I. S., Moiseev A. V., Sil'chenko O. K.,
    2022, Astronomy Letters, 48, 139; --> ADS link
  11. "Multiple gas acquisition events in galaxies with dual misaligned gas disks"
    Cao X., Chen Y.-M., Shi Y., Bao M., Moiseev A., Bizyaev D., Li S.-L., Fernendez-Trincado J., Riffel R., Riffel R., Lane L.
    2022, Nature Astronomy, Published online; --> ADS link
  12. "Star formation in the elliptical (?) galaxy NGC5173"
    Sil'chenko O. K., Proshina I. S., Moiseev A. V., Oparin D. V.
    2022, Astrophysical Bulletin, 77, 40; --> ADS link ; Russian PDF
  13. "Search for Distant and X-ray Luminous Quasars during the SRG/eROSITA Sky Survey (the DaLeQo Program). The First Results from Observations at the BTA Telescope" Khorunzhev G. A., Dodonov S. N., Meshcheryakov A. V., Moiseev A. V., Grokhovskaya A. A., Kotov S. S., Malygin E. A., Uklein R. I,. Shablovinskaya E. S., Medvedev P. S. ; Borisov, V. D., Burenin R. A., Krivonos R. A., Uskov, G. S., Zaznobin I. A., Sunyaev R. A., Sazonov S. Yu., Gilfanov M. R.
    2022, Astronomy Letters, 48, 69; --> ADS link
  14. "BTA spectroscopy of J1430+2303 SMBH merger candidate" Moiseev A.V., Kozlova D.V., Kotov S.S.
    2022, The Astronomer's Telegram, No. 15319
  15. "Star formation in the elliptical (?) galaxy NGC5173"
    Sil'chenko O. K., Proshina I. S., Moiseev A. V., Oparin D. V.
    2022, Astrophysical Bulletin, 77, 43; Russian PDF;
  16. " Follow-Up of Extended Shells around B[e] Stars" Liimets Tiina, Kraus Michaela, Moiseev, Alexei, Duronea Nicolas, Cidale Lydia Sonia, Farina Cecilia
    2022, Galaxy, 10, 41; --> ADS link
  17. "BAT/Scorpio-2 spectroscopic classification of Gaia microlensing event candidates"
    Zielinski P., Grokhovskaya A., Shablovinskaya E., Moiseev A. ,Gromadzki M., Wyrzykowski L., Ihanec, N. Gezer I., Jablonska M., Kruszynska K., Rybicki K. A., Mikolajczyk P. Maskoliuna M., Pakstiene E., Zdanavicius J.
    2022, The Astronomer's Telegram, No. 15195
  18. "The Nearby Dwarf Irregular Galaxy IC 1613 and Its Complex Bubble Region: Chandra and VLA Observations" Schlegel E., Lacey Ch., Pannuti T., Lozinskaya T. A. Moiseev A.
    2022, AJ, 163, 66; --> ADS link
  19. "The TELPERION Survey for Distant [O III] Clouds around Luminous and Hibernating AGN"
    Keel W.C., Moiseev A., Kozlova D.V., Ikhsanova A.I., Oparin D.V., Uklein R.I., Smirnova A.A., Eselevich, M. V.
    2022, MNRAS, 510, 4608; --> ADS link

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