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Hello! I'm Alexei V. Moiseev, Sc.D, Leading Researcher in our Laboratory . I'm a contact astronomer for observations with SCORPIO-2 at the 6-m telescope of the SAO RAS . I am head of our observatory astrophysical seminar and member of editorial board of the journals Astrophysical Bulletin and Galaxies. Also I am a member of SAO RAS dissertation council .

My scientific interests focus on extragalactic researches with an attention to observational techniques:

  • Morphology and kinematics of different types of galaxies: peculiar and interacting galaxies, polar ring galaxies, etc.
  • Feedback processes in galaxies: impact of star formation regions on interstellar medium, galactic winds.
  • Active galaxy nuclei and their environment: ionization cones, jet-clouds interaction.
  • 3D spectroscopy methods: integral-field spectrographs, scanning Fabry-Perot interferometers, tunable-filter imaging.

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Recent selected papers and results:

  1. "Star formation in the elliptical (?) galaxy NGC5173"
    Sil'chenko O. K., Proshina I. S., Moiseev A. V., Oparin D. V.
    2022, Astrophysical Bulletin, accepted
  2. "The Nearby Dwarf Irregular Galaxy IC 1613 and Its Complex Bubble Region: Chandra and VLA Observations" Schlegel E., Lacey Ch., Pannuti T., Lozinskaya T. A. Moiseev A.
    2022, AJ, 163, 66
  3. "The TELPERION Survey for Distant [O III] Clouds around Luminous and Hibernating AGN" Keel W.C., Moiseev A., Kozlova D.V., Ikhsanova A.I., Oparin D.V., Uklein R.I., Smirnova A.A.
    2021, MNRAS, accepted; --> ADS link
  4. "New outburst of J12355222+2755559" A. Vinokurov, A. F. Valeev, K. Atapin, Alexei V. Moiseev
    2021, The Astronomer's Telegram, No. 15107
  5. "GRB 211023A: BTA spectroscopic redshift " Pozanenko, A. ; Moiseev, A. ; Moskvitin, A. ; Malygin, E. ; Belkin, S. ; Pankov, N. ; Kim, V. ; IKI FuN, GRB ; Rossi, A. search by orcid ; Kann, D. A.
    2021, GRB Coordinates Network, GCN 31053
  6. "Star formation in the nearby dwarf galaxy DDO 53: interplay between gas accretion and stellar feedback" Egorov, O. V.; Lozinskaya T. A. ; Vasiliev, K. I. ; Yarovova, A. D. ; Gerasimov, I. S. ; Kreckel, K. ; Moiseev, A. V.
    2021, MNRAS, 508, 2650; --> ADS link
  7. "Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer of the 6-m SAO RAS Telescope"
    Moiseev A. V.
    2021, Astrophysical Bulletin, 76, 316; --> ADS link ; Russian PDF;
  8. "Observation of a very massive galaxy cluster at z=0.76 in SRG/eROSITA all-sky survey" Burenin, R. A. et al.
    2021, Astronomy Letters, accepted; --> ADS link
  9. "Photometric and Long-Slit Spectroscopy of Split Comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS)"
    Ivanova O., Luk'yanyk I., Tomko D., Moiseev A.
    2021, MNRAS, 507, 5376; --> ADS link
  10. "PV Cep and V350 Cep: stars on the way between FUors AND EXors"
    H.R. Andreasyan, Magakian T. Yu., Movsessian T. A., Moiseev A.V.
    2021, Astrophysics, 64, 187 --> ADS link
  11. "Resolving the circumstellar environment of the Galactic B[e] supergiant star MWC137. II. Nebular kinematics and stellar variability"
    Kraus M., Liimets T., Moiseev A., Sanchez Arias J. P. , Nickeler D. H., Cidale L. S., Jones D.
    2021, ApJ, 162, 150 ; --> ADS link
  12. "Proper motions of spectrally selected structures in the HH 83 outflow"
    Movsessian T. A., Magakian T. Yu., Moiseev A.V.
    2021, A&A, 652, id. A82; --> ADS link
  13. "Search for gas accretion imprints in voids: II. The galaxy Ark 18 as a result of a dwarf-dwarf merger"
    Egorova, E. S.; Egorov, O. V.; Moiseev, A. V.; Saburova, A. S.; Grishin, K. A.; Chilingarian, I. V.
    2021, MNRAS, 504, 6179; --> ADS link
  14. " Panoramic Spectroscopy of Galaxies with Star-Formation Regions. A Study of SBS 1539+597"
    Hakopian S., Dodonov S., Moiseev A.
    2021, Astrophysics, 64,8 --> ADS link
  15. "Extreme kinematic misalignment in IllustrisTNG galaxies: origin, structure and internal dynamics of galaxies with a large-scale counterrotation" S. Khoperskov, I. Zinchenko, B. Avramov, S. Khrapov, P. Berczik, A. Saburova, M. Ishchenko, A. Khoperskov, C. Pulsoni, Y. Venichenko, D. Bizyaev, A. Moiseev
    2021, MNRAS, 500, 3870; --> ADS link

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