Laboratory of Spectroscopy and Photometry of
Extragalactic Objects

Alexei V. Moiseev

На русском

Together with my colleagues I have organised following meetings and schools:

  1. "Modern stellar astronomy" , 2019 , N. Arkhyz (SAO RAS), Russia, LOC Deputy Chair
  2. "Multi-spin galaxies 2016", 2016, N. Arkhyz (SAO RAS), Russia, SOC Chair
  3. "3D view on interacting and post-interacting galaxies from clusters to voids" , 2015, special session on EWASS-2015, La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, SOC co-chair
  4. “Galactic and accretion discs”, All-Russian young astronomers school, 2009, N. Arkhyz (SAO RAS), Russia, SOC Chair
  5. “Physics of galaxies”, All-Russian young astronomers school, 2007, N. Arkhyz (SAO RAS), Russia, SOC Chair
  6. “Modern methods of astronomical spectroscopy”, All-Russian young astronomers school, 2006, N. Arkhyz (SAO RAS), Russia, SOC Chair

Also I was a SOC member in:

  1. “Multi-spin galaxies”, 2019, Asiago, Italy
  2. "VAK- 2017" , All-Russian astronomy conference, 2017, Yalta, Crimea, Russia
  3. “Multi-spin galaxies”, 2013, INAF, Naples, Italy
  4. “Galaxy surveys using Integral Field Spectroscopy: Achievements and Opportunities”, 9th Potsdam Thinkshop, 2012, AIP , Germany
  5. "VAK- 2010 , All-Russian astronomy conference, 2010, N. Arkhyz (SAO RAS), Russia