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Main SAO 6-meter telescope

This is BTA "indome" main server computer It is local address in SAO's Intranet. But it is visible from Internet through our Web-site proxy as:

BTA TSC online Web-pages located here:

BTA WebCameras:
"In-Dome" TV-camera
BTA InDome Webcam

and it's last images.
  "Outdor" TV-camera
BTA Outdor Webcam

and it's last images.

Also, one can find here some documents:

BTA Display/Control Client panel Manual (Russian/KOI8)
Telescope coordinates I/O panel Manual (Russian/KOI8)
VS56/VS60 TV-channels Manual (Russian/KOI8)
Program TVguide (for BTA autoguiding on VS56/VS60 TV-images) Manual (Russian/KOI8)
General Description of algorithms of the new ACS BTA software under Linux (Russian/KOI8)
Telescope Operator Manual for new Linux-based ACS BTA software (Russian/KOI8)

Some Linux software documentation.

Apache HTTP Server manual.

Warn Please excuse our dust while we build this Web page. UnderConstruction We expect to have construction complete in a month or two.
BTA computers system adminisrator Maruhno Andrey