The International Workshop on
Quark Phase Transition in Compact Objects and Multimessenger Astronomy:
Neutrino Signals, Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts

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Send your application for the registration by e-mail to (Cc:

The application should include

  • Full name
  • Affiliation
  • Title of your presentation (if planned)
Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail.

Unfortunately, a visit to Russia is not too easy. Please, consulte your nearest Russian consulate if the getting of visa needs only the invitation from our insitute or the invitation from our local authorities is also necessary. In the latter case, please send also the following data:

  1. Scanned significant pages of passport (pages which contain photo and personal data) as .jpg or .gif or .pdf
  2. Institute or firm name and its postal address, phone number
  3. Your position in the Institute
  4. Dates of visit to Russia
  5. Itinerary (for example, Moscow - Mineralnye Vody - Nizhnij Arkhyz - Baksan)
  6. Home address
  7. Name of city, where you will get the visa.

NB! The preparation of the invitation from our local authorities takes not less than a month. So, don't put off your decision about participation till the last moment.

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